Configure DIDs on Freepbx gateway

Hi all

I have a freepbx that is configured as a gateway to a switchvox telephony system. A sip trunk links the switchvox and the freepbx. I have three different lines(numbers) from the telco all of which are configured as extensions on the freepbx gateway. Currently whichever line is called from outside terminates at the respective extension. The respective extension then forwards the call to switchvox where the receptionists phone will ring. I hope this makes sense I’m trying to be clear as possible.

Recently my client requested DIDs to be configured in one of the three lines from the telco such that should anyone from outside dial +254709XXX104 extension 104 will ring and should someone from outside call +254709XXX278 extension 278 should ring and so on and so forth. Can anyone help me in configuring the freepbx gateway to be able to forward the called number as is to switchvox i.e if the called number is +254709XXX104, this number will be forwaded to switchvox

miscellaneous destination with the right outbound route should work.

You might want to read the comments in extensions.conf concerning the [from-did-direct] context, it is designed for what you are doing, in your case just put your tie-line trunk in the [from-internal] context and adjust your outbound routes to match the MSDs that the telco is sending you to use the tie-trunk

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