Configure AudioCodes MP-124 to Register Ports with SIP and PJSIP

I am trying to figure out with an AudioCodes MP-124 how I can register some ports with SIP on port 5060 and others on PJSIP port 5160. I have found out where I can set multiple different proxy set ID’s so I can have one use the default port and the other use the IP of the freepbx server with port 5160, but I can’t figure out how to set the different ports to use specific proxy set ID’s other than the default one “0”.

I don’t have any specific knowledge of these devices but a lot of SIP enabled devices will take the proxy address followed by :5160 and use that part as instruction for the port to use.

So try < sip registration IP >:5160 and see if that works.

I do have a 2nd proxy set ID configured to register using the IP of the pbx server :5160, but unfortunately I don’t know how to make specific FXS ports use the other proxy ID’s other than the default one.