Configurations made using Digium phones module doesn't send to phones

I am trying to add a phone book and logo to my Digium D40 phones in my office. I am using the Digium Phones module under connectivity>Digium Phones. The changes I make are not being sent to the phones. I have reconfigured and rebooted phones but they still don’t receive the changes.

I also have endpoint manager on my FreePBX. I disabled that as well as the REST apps thinking that it was fighting with the Digium Phones module. That still didn’t work.

I noticed that I was able to log in to the Digium phone’s UI using it’s IP address, yet I have that disabled on the Digium Phone Module. So It appears the module isn’t communicating with the phone.

Any idea where to start diagnosing this?

It may be that the phone was not “connected” to the Digium Phones module. If you use the menu 5, then 2 option to reconfigure, you should see your PBX listed. If not, press menu 2 to enter the IP address. You should then be able to select the phone extension you want configured, and then the phone will be connected to the module and continue to receive updates through it.

That worked! Thanks for the help!