Config information disappearing!?

A couple of issues:

  1. When I add outbound dial rules to a trunk, they disappear when I hit submit - tho they do appear to be noted in /etc/asterisk/localprefixes.conf - and I’m not sure if they’re actually working or if Vitelity is smart enough to be figuring it out for me - probably the former since it’s in the file, right?

  2. of somewhat less importance - I can’t seem to “enable” the dictation service on a user - I enable it on the form, fill in the email addy, hit submit and it goes back to disabled - I’m not sure where to look to see if this is actually being enabled and just not shown, or what…

Again - kind of a newb here, so please be gentle… I can provide whatever logs or info needed.

CentOS 5
Asterisk 1.4.9
FreePBX 2.3.0beta2.8

THX in advance for any insight!

re #1) - I stand corrected - they dial rules are NOT working… I only have one rule - add 1812 to NXXXXXX - and it shows up in /etc/asterisk/localprefixes.conf, but disappears from the form after submitting and it isn’t doing it when I dial out.

Are you clicking on the “Apply Configuration Changes?”

Yup. - Well, I did after but… here’s the order of events:

I type


into the form field (Trunk, Outbound Dial Rules), scroll down and hit “Submit Changes”

Page reloads the form WITHOUT the value I just typed into the field, and at that point the orange “Apply Configuration Changes” button appears.

I hit it - no change… dial rule isn’t in the form and doesn’t seem to be applied to the trunk.

Same here - except the outbound dial patterns are working, just not appearing in freepbx.

Running lastest versions of all modules.



I deleted and re-created the trunk from scratch…

same deal - don’t see the dial rule in the form - altho, the rule does appear to be working now… just can’t see it.

Again, thx in advance for any insight!

grab the new core module (should be there within 10 minutes), it’s fixed there. It was being saved so should have been used, it was just not pulling back into the gui.

That did it! THX!

almost forgot:

any ideas on this one?? basically same situation as with the trunk form… hit submit and it reverts back - other form fields change, but the dictation ones revert.

again - THX!

file a bug so it gets looked at

Many thanks for a quick response and solution.

Puts many commercial packages to shame!