Config FreePBX Using Grandstream HT 488


I successfully setup the asterisknow using FreePBX, the only problem I have now is that how to configure the FreePBX to forward outgoing calls to the FXO port HT 488? Anyone has a guide on howto to it?

Thanks in advance.

So, what’s the problem? I had the same setup with HT503.

Setup the trunk for HT488.
Use that trunk in Outbound Routes.

I have this working script in my extentions_custom.conf,
exten => _9.,1,Dial(SIP/@1004,60,D(aw${EXTEN:1}))

Now how do I put it in the Trunk and Outbound routes?

Thank you.


Setup SIP trunk for HT488 using GUI, like you do it for your SIP provider(s).
Use that trunk in Outbound Routes using GUI, like you do it for any other trunk.

No need to manually edit extentions_custom.conf or any other file.