Config files

hello , one question , in the central of my work, i cant see the web access, dont reply a ping and the web cant show the login page.
only have CLI access with the root user.
where i can found the path of the configuration files to recover the SIP password and restore the web access.

thansk a lot.

When you try to access web interface by entering ipaddress of your freepbx/admin, what do you see on the browser.
Are you able to ping your default gateway or any other machine from CLI access.
Have you given IP address manually while installation of Asterisk and FreePBX.

thanks that is the problem, the ip of server dont reply, in web i put the ip of server and dont show nothing… only have access to the server in root user…

the gateway response, a do ping to the (gateway), reply.
one phone connected , reply
the server, dont reply,i put in the browser, the server address, i cant access.
put in the browser, i can access the config of the phone.

i only have access in the server, with root user.
i need reset the security configuration,

The sip passwords are in the sip_additional.conf file in the /etc/asterisk directory.
Now these cannot help you with the web login problem that you have, they are the passwords that the phones use to register with the FreePBX.

Login in your server and try to ping from there other devices. Did you try to access FreePBX from another machine?

nop i cant access… i can make ping to the phones and reply but i can access the GUI to config and need restore the access…

Ok if you can ping then run the following commands

/etc/init.d/httpd stop
/etc/init.d/httpd start

Post here if you get any message.