Config files re-read

I would like to know if there is FreePBX linux cli command to re-read the config files similar to the re-read link on the configuration edit web pages?

From command line as root
asterisk -rx reload
from CLI

If you mean similar to what the ‘orange’ reload button does, yes. It simply runs retrieve_conf although you want to be careful and make sure that it runs as asterisk and not root.

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
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Thank you for both answers. I will take a note of both. What I needed in this case is the reload command. I need to edit the extension_additional.conf file and reload to make the edit take (until a restart). The problem is I am trying to edit the incoming CID from a DID. I tried using from-pstn-custom (and a couple other ideas) nothing I do gets the code executed. The result is for now to edit extension_additional.conf and place the single CID edit line into the dial plan directly after every restart.

Any suggestion on how to get any of the custom includes to actually execute in the dial plan? In this case it is a SIP inbound DID which routes to from-trunk and eventually to ext-did.

I just need to strip a “1” from the front of the CID of a single DID. The DID is sent correctly. Only the CID needs the edit. The command I am using works perfectly if edited inline in the ext-did context. Anything else seems null.

Thanks again for the replies.

Is the single DID isolated to a specific inbound trunk. If so, then you should send that trunk to a unique context: from-mytrunkthatneedsstripping (so to speak) and then strip it there before sending it on its way to form-trunk to be processed normally. It is a really bad idea to edit anything in extensions_additional.conf and as far as using the included contexts, you need to really understand how Asterisk processes those to see if you can even do what you want to do. Take a look at IVRs Standard Abilities Tips and Tricks which talks a bit about that subject.

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
http// - IRC #freepbx

I do understand about the volatility of editing the non-custom files. I am only doing that until I can get a fix.

I did try using a unique context for the incoming trunk. As best I can tell it did not process before the inbound route for the DID went to from-trunk. It seemed the DID route took precedence. I am not yet ready to eliminate the incoming route completely because it seems I would have to code the blacklist, CID lookup, etc. by hand. I may be way out here. I just did not get a good result with a unique context for the trunk.

I am going to read the material you referenced again. Somehow it seems the custom context either from-pstn-custom or ext-did-custom should be my salvation if I can get it straight…

I will report as I go.

Hey Bob remember that it all goes from the top down
Put what you want to be done first at the top (any matching of numbers or what not)
you can “clone” anything from the files and create your own content in the _custom files.
that way it does not get overwritten.

There is also an order of the includes which gets messed up sometimes…
Try to find it here. Phillip has posted it a few times (TB changes the order in some releases)