ConferencesPro UCP problems


When using the UCP for the ConferencesPro module, I have noticed a few things that need to be improved. I am using FreePBX 12.x with all module updates applied as of today (5/18/2015).

If the Admin of the conference is logged into the UCP and has already clicked on “View Room” prior to the start of the teleconference, the list of connected callers will not populate until the user clicks again on “View Room”. Ideally this list would auto-refresh every x seconds.

When viewing the list of callers in the conference room, a new caller will not show up in the list unless the “View Room” link is clicked again. Ideally this should auto-refresh every x seconds with both existing caller status as well as new caller status.

The list of users in the conference room fades in and out every few seconds. It seems that this is part of some kind of auto-refresh feature that doesn’t quite work right. It is really annoying. There should be no fade–the refresh should not visibly blank the list and then take .5 seconds to redraw it.

If I am missing something here, then I’d be glad to repeat my tests. But this is what I’ve seen so far.

How can I get these issues fixed?

Brian Clark

Do you have the UCP Node module in FreePBX module admin installed. It sounds like you are failing back to the long polling in PHP instead of the real time that the node.js uses.

Yes, I do have the UCP Node module installed. Is there some way that I can verify that it is working properly?

BTW: I am using the FreePBX Linux distro.

If you look at dashboard in freepbx it will let you know it’s running. I assure you that the issues you have are not normal. I use conferences pro everyday internally and we just did an internal webinar with it.

When you are correctly using node you can also visually see when people are talking.

Are you using meet me or confbridge

The dashboard shows the UCP Daemon as “running”.

Not sure what you mean by meet me or confbridge. I am using whatever gets installed by default by FreePBX. This is a relatively new install, first installed about 2 months ago and updated through the Module Admin/Update feature.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


I just looked in my Advanced Settings and saw that I am using app_confbridge.

I have none of the issues you’ve listed. It’s all very fluid. Do you see talking status when looking at a conference?

I do not see talking status.

My setup is likely different than yours–we don’t use FreePBX as the primary phone system. The calls that are participating in the conference are coming in via SIP from a Cisco phone system (via an inbound route pattern). The users who are logging in via the UCP do not have extensions on the system–they only have User Accounts which are linked to their Conferences. Maybe the UCP is looking for something that is not there because the callers are not natively “in the system”?

Your setup doesn’t matter in this regard. All of the features I have listed and discussed come from Asterisk. Asterisk doesn’t care if you are an internal or external call (we test with both).

If you do not see talking status. Then you do not have communication with the Node UCP Server.

Ok. How do I go about troubleshooting this issue then? I know very little about Node. I do see that it is installed though.

[[email protected] ~]$ which node
[[email protected] ~]$ node --version