Conferences - Shadow Extension for Call Recording

I have a need to allow users to review recordings in a managed way. Recording reviewers will only be allowed to review recordings related to their job function. This is not possible with what’s in FreePBX, but I found out that Asternic CDR allows your see recordings that belong to extensions you have permission to query. This is kind of roundabout but can work if I make the recordings based off the extensions.

The one outlier is that our conferences are used by off PBX users (other phone systems), and users may come and go from the conference, truncating the recording. I had this idea that I could pair an shadow extension with each conference. The extension would join the conference while there are other parties on the conference and drop when they all leave. I could then give people permission to that extension if they need to hear the recordings for that conference.

My questions are:
What’s the best way to monitor if a conference gets a caller (so I can have the shadow extension join)? Is there a hint or something else?

Is there a better idea, given the constraints I listed above?

Thanks for the input!

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