Conferences Extension not working

I have setup several conferences and they work great internally. The only way I can get them to work for external users is to give them a did to route to the conference. I would like to have a number setup and when they get connected they have to put the extension in. If we try this then every time you put in the extension then it says it’s not a valid extension. Is there a way to do this?


By default conferences are not available external for security reasons. If you have a room that has no pin then many people could use it without your knowing.

You can build a IVR and program each room number a a choice and link it that way. There is also another way to open it up to the outside but I can’t remember the details. I know that a context needs to be added someplace to check for those numbers before it falls through to the invalid number. Search the forums and I know it’s been covered a few times.