Conference with external call

Hi all, I have a scenario where I would like two internal extensions to have a conference call with an external mobile number over sip.
Is it possible to set up such a scenario with freepbx and how can I achieve this

Easily done using the conferences module. Create a conference, and each participant dials into it. How does the external caller need to get into the conference, are they dialing in, or is a local extension calling them first?

a local extension thats part of the conference calls them first,

So create the conference and then when you want to use it, you can dial all external callers and transfer them one by one into the conference. Local extensions can just dial it directly.

you could also use an IVR with a non advertised choice like 9 to forward inbound callers to the conference bridge. Just have to tell the outside caller to dial 9 as soon as they hear the greeting. Janky but easier than calling then transferring a bunch of outside callers. Especially if you need to do it often.

Thanks everyone, sorry for the late reply. i did it exactly as @lgaetz said. i added the callers one by one using the conference buutton

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