Conference using TLS not working

I have TLS and SRTP working for normal calls on an extension. However when connecting to a conference internally there is no audio (cannot hear welcome message). When the extension is changed back to UDP and RTP then no issues in hearing the conference welcome message.

Is there a setting on the conference or somewhere else to allow both TLS and UDP to work?

I have also changed the standard ports away from 5060 and 5061. This is for SIP CHAN. With the ports changed it still works fine with UDP but no luck with TLS/SRTP. FreePBX

Appreciate advice on this.

Does it work with RTP + (TLS or TCP) ?

disable SRTP no difference. Keep same port and TLS, disabled SRTP. No difference.

That’s odd. Just tested on my system (Asterisk 13.12.1) - local extension with TLS/SRTP can easily join the conference.

Ok, let me try putting the ports back to 5061 to see if it is related.

Ok works when I put the port back to 5061. I was trying to use non standard ports for UDP and TSL to improve security but while UDP on a different port is ok, seems TLS does not work?