Conference Rooms from an IVR

Hello All,

I am trying to construct a conference bridge where the customers will be answered by an IVR and asked to put in their conference PIN number. The various conference room numbers are created with the actual PIN the subscriber will use. There is a *, i and t option in the IVR and direct dialing is switched on. The * hangs up, the i and t as you all know are the timeout and invalid options for the IVR and get’s routed to an internal extension number.

For example: I got a conference room 123456 and another one 654321. If the customer hears the message, he will enter his PIN number 123456 and get routed to the conference room 123456. The same with the other option.

I do understand that IVR cannot expose anything other than normal extension numbers to the caller, what other options do I have to get this routing sorted out? Any help will be appreciated as I am pulling my hair out on this one. I want a customer to dial the PIN and get routed to the conference room created with the number corresponding to that PIN.

Conference rooms are not extensions. You need to set an entry in the IVR for each conference room.

If you are doing any volume it would be better to write a script to do what you want instead of hacking it together with the IVR.