Conference room phone that plays nice with PBX

We are looking for a conference room IP phone for a new office. I know not all manufacturers play well with FreePBX. What do you guys recommend for a conference room phone that plays well with FreePBX and is easy to provision?

I am also in search of a conference room IP phone. I’ll share what I’ve been looking at recently.
I’ve read good things about the YealinkCP860. It has a 10ft voice pickup distance, 10/100M Ethernet and supports 5-way conference calls. It also is supported by EPM. The other one I’m looking at is a Grandstream GAC2500. It has a 12ft voice pickup distance, Gigabit capable Ethernet/Wireless capable also, and supports 7-way conferencing. I also noticed that it’s been integrated with EPM though it’s not been listed in the EPM supported devices page yet. The only reason I know that is because we use EPM on our FreePBX and I see the GAC2500 up there as a choice for configuration.

This certainly does not answer your question, but since I’m in a similar boat I thought I’d share what I’ve been looking at.
I’ll be interested to see what suggestions you get from those who are using conference IP phones.

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Thanks for the reply, Penny.

we have always used the polycom phones - rock solid, great sound and they are integrated with the epm