Conference Pro - Add to Conference IVR option reverts to no

Running FreePBX on Sangoma Linux 7.5.1805.

It seems that some of our conference bridges ‘Add to Conference IVR’ option are reverting to no after we set them to yes. Generally speaking it takes a couple of days for the revert to happen with seemingly no rhyme or reason. Config is often reapplied several times a day without issue to any of the bridges, but every now and then they’ll revert. This isn’t for every user, just a portion. Has anyone seen behavior like this?

I believe this to be resolved. Under Admin --> User Management --> Groups we had an ‘All Users’ group that only included a portion of our users. Under the Conferences tab there we had both ‘Link Conference to this user’ and ‘Add to Conference IVR’ both set to no which was periodically overriding the settings we had entered on the conferences directly. Didn’t think that would be an issue with the ‘link’ setting set to no, but turns out it was. They’re both set to yes and we haven’t had problems since.

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