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Not sure if there’s anyone from the product team on here, but I was curious why Sangoma doesn’t offer any conference solutions? This would be a game changer and much valued addition to the product lineup, and it’s also very surprising that it keeps getting left out.

Are there any talks or plans on releasing conference phones in the foreseeable future?

You would need to ask Sangoma directly:
How to request a feature? (
Contact Support (

If I were to hazard a guess, I would assume that this is intentional, in that the projected sales vs development and marketing costs would not be advantageous to the business.

You probably know all this, but just in case… There are many End Point Manager supported phones: EPM-Supported Devices - PBX GUI - Documentation (

And nearly all SIP conference phones will work with FreePBX as is.

Oh absolutely, we leverage YeaLink for conference phones today. I just as a business owner like to commit to a single brand both for supportability and a consistent delivery experience. I don’t like having a different brand name on every piece of equipment I set down in the field.

Understandable, have you thought about fully committing to YeaLink for hardware? Many users here use the IP phones, and they seem to have a good function/price point ratio. Or Snom.

Yes, but going back to single vendor - id rather buy hardware from the company that makes the software. But to your point, it may come to a point where we go exclusive with YeaLink just due to the much broader product line.

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