Conference 'Mute on Join' feature not working

Im using Conference I enabled ‘Mute On Join’. The first conference participator is muted upon joining but any that join after this are not muted upon joining. Is there a way to resolve this?

Are you able to reproduce this using a supported version of FreePBX? Unfortunately FreePBX 2.11 is end of life. Even if this is identified as a bug, a fix won’t be pushed that far back…

Ok, I will attempt to update my PIAF PBX to the latest freepbx. Thanks

I updated my PBX to the very latest FreePBX V12.0.76.3, and Conferences is now at v12.0.22 and I still have the same issue that ‘mute on join’ only works for the first caller in the conference, then the second is not muted. Menu option 1 (manually mute or unmute yourself) does work after you join but only if you toggle it at least 2 times
I then created a new conf bridge, but the issue still exists on the freshly created one.

What version of Asterisk?

Running Asterisk V 11.8.1

Is there anything I can try which would fix it?

Are you using meet me or app_conference?

Conference Room App = app_confbridge

I also discovered that the command to mute all non-admin participants in the middle of a conference is not working and has no effect. The command is ‘* 0’ (Star for the menu, then 0)