Conference module: How to hangup the call after receiving incorrect password?


This is a question about conferences module, Currently I am using version of conferences module under FreePBX 13 (

I noticed sometimes we receive spam calls to the number tied to conference extension.
In order to prevent unwanted call session, I would like to hang up such spam call if the caller can not enter correct password for 3 times or not receiving password in certain duration.

First off, is it possible to set such limitation?
Any comment or insight would be highly appreciated!

Set a User PIN on the conference. Not sure why this is even a question…

User PIN is set, but the call session won’t terminate even if the caller send wrong PIN multiple of times, or don’t do anything when PBX asks for the PIN; PBX will keep asking for the PIN. I noticed bot call was holding for more than an hour, I want to prevent anonymous call to occupy our SIP trunk.

I guess a simple but maybe silly way to do what you’re looking to do is to front it with an IVR? You can use the IVR’s timeout and wrong button settings to drop a caller that takes too long/fails.

Make the one option for the IVR the password you want to use and have a secuessful entry take you to the conference.

Don’t have time to try it, but maybe that would work?


Hi CyberSleuth,

Thank you very much for your insight!!!
Yes, your suggestion is brilliant, I am able to terminate the call with using IVR! I wasn’t aware how cool thing can be accomplished with it. :confounded:

Great! Don’t forget to mark your question as “Solved” if it is. :slight_smile: Glad that works for you!

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Ah, little check mark box, Noted!

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