Conference from Outside - Invalid pin Number

Hi guys,

I setup a freepbx long time ago, it works well !
I’ve got an issue with Conference module.
We setup a conference on number 39 with user pin : 1234 and work well internally

Then i woould like to make the conference module available from outside
so we redirect a Inbound route to Conference no 39

When user pin asked, we dial 1234# then pin code is refused

Some other topics talk about DMTF problem
It seems it’s not my situation, because the system hear well pin code and pound key then say it’s invalid.

Would you have some way the test, check, log what’s going on ?

Thanks for your feedback !!

Conf : FreePBX 12.0.65
SIP trunk only

Definitely a DTMF problem; you should be able to see what PIN is being entered by monitoring asterisk by running command

asterisk -vvvvvvvvvvr

from the command line

Great !
The best diagnostic tool !

Just notice duplicated numbers ex : code is 1234
Asterisk heard :
– User entered ‘111111222222233333444’

Will investigate on DMTF side


Ok so it was about my SIP provider that use out of band dtmf

so i switch from dtmfmode=inband to dtmfmode=rfc2833

For reference :

Thanks for your help !