Conference calling doesnot works with SIP Trunk


We have 2 Free PBX configure each at US and India branch. I have configured SIP trunk connecting both the box. Now SIP calling is working very fine between both the box but I am not able to use conference number between both the box’s extensions.

For example if I create a conference number in India PBX, that number is not recognized when called by some US extension.

Is there any way I can fix this?

What is the extension you used for the conference room and are there routes between the servers for the extension you used.

Post some CLI output of what happens when you call the conference room.

What version of FreePBX are you running?

Not sure if this is your problem but worth a try. Assuming you are running FreePBX v2.9+, check advanced settings and if conferencing is set to MeetMe try change it to ConfBridge.

Alternatively if you want to use MeetMe or ConfBridge is not available as an option, make sure you have installed Dahdi. MeetMe will not work without Dahdi and since you are using SIP trunks you may not have that installed.

Sorry for the late response This is the CLI output when I dial a conference number created in US using extension on India PBX.
It says that number is invalid.

– Executing [[email protected]:22] Dial(“SIP/4003-000006f1”, “SIP/SIP_Trunk_to_US/200,300,”) in new stack
== Using SIP RTP TOS bits 184
== Using SIP RTP CoS mark 5
– Called SIP/SIP_Trunk_to_US/200
– SIP/SIP_Trunk_to_US-000006f2 answered SIP/4003-000006f1

How can I install Confbridge on my PBX. Currently I am using Meetme and yes I have installed DAHDI. Meetme works fine when extensions of the same PBX are used for conferencing but as I said I have 2 PBX connected to each other using SIP Trunk line so when a guy from US extension tries to join conference on India PBX, it throws out a error message as the number is invalid.

You guys are over thinking this. Sounds like a route does not exist or trunk in wrong context. Also I would suggest using an IAX trunk.

I tried with both SIP trunk and IAX trunk but in both the cases my extensions on both the PBX are able to make/receive calls to each other but the conference no. on 1 PBX is not recognized when dialled with extension on another PBX.

I have followed this blog for configuring IP trunk

Is there anything wrong in my config?