Conference Call that plays an Icecast Recording

I’m running the Centos distribution of freepbx on a server and have been struggling to achieve what I would like the system to do -

I’ve configured a Dial In trunk to a conference call, this works fine so far - however we record certain meetings and make them available on a listen again basis via IceCast.

What I would like to achieve is Playing back that recording on a conference call line - I know it works as I’ve defined a new MoH definition that plays the live recording no problems, however the moment more than 1 person is on the line obviously the MoH stops.

I thought that maybe what I need to achieve is:

  • creation of a custom extension that plays an mp3 file (the icecast recording) Which I think I’ve done
  • Additionally upon the first persons entry into the conference connect the custom extension - which I haven’t done - Could this be done via a script?

Appreciate any advice or any better ways of accomplishing this

Couldn’t you create an announcement with your file? Point the inbound route to the announcement.


Just had a play around with it - but alas not, as its a system recording I cant attribute mp3player with it (to read the http stream on the fly).

I’m still wondering if MoH hacked might be the way forward with this?

Well, I was thinking about not even using Icecast, but just the recording, but since you’ve been able to stream to MOH, try this…

Create an inbound route, point it to “Terminate Call” and select the “Put Caller on Hold Forever” option.

Thats it! Perfect! I did actually start getting custom extensions working but I would have to look into transferring them into the conference then - but your process works a treat :slight_smile:
The reason for using icecast was only because the conference is to listen in to a live broadcast.

Thanks very much!

Glad to help!