Conference Call Feature

I am a newbie to FreePBX and have read as much documentation as my brain can take at the moment. But we have a requirement to have inbound calls to an internal extension. While on the phone we need the ability to conference in another person either by extension or by external phone number. I don’t see this functionality in the documentation but I could be missing something.

Core is the version we are running at the moment. I don’t know if there is another module that I need to install.

Any support would be appreciated.

IP phones, most (even single line) have the ability to conference in another party by using the phone’s conf or conference button. The SIP (VOIP) phne takes car eof this for you. I have several Grandstream and an Aastra phone and all work as they should.

If you are using analog (Zap/DAHDI) phones, then you will have to set up a conference room, give it an extension and transfer your callers into the conference room. The you join. This is of course if you have single line analog phones. Some multiple line analog phones can conference in a third party.


how is this an answer? uhm… obviously his phone doesnt havea button or it isnt working.

too many of these answers

Willy - He gave you the correct answer. You provided scant if any useful information. You system is very old. Is it possibly a trixbox and not actually a FreePBX system? Many people modify FreePBX and include it with their distributions. tribox did this then stiffed all the users.

That’s not your problem as every version of FreePBX for the last 10 years (it’s so cool to say that now) has had the ability to support conference rooms along with conference calling.

You need to tell us the following critical information before we can help you:

1 - What kind of phones? If they are not Ethernet attached how are they connected to PBX

2 - How do you connect to the phone network? SIP trunks, Analog Line Cards, PRI, Gateway? You need to be explicit.

With that data we can begin to help you.