Conference bridge used for a public meeting

I have a small township that wants to be able to host their monthly township meeting in a conference bridge. All of the participants will be offsite. I have a couple of questions in how they want it to work and if it can be done at all.

So the scenario is like this:
Board members call a DID and use an admin password to get into the bridge. They are not muted when they connect. The public calls the same DID and use a different PIN and are muted. So sometime in the meeting they need to unmute all the callers (probably less that 15) so they can give their two cents. It looks like this can be done from the UCP, but is there a way to do it with DTMF? I am not sure the board Members are up for using the UCP

IMO, the conference features in FreePBX are pretty lame. Even with only 10 people unmuted, the meeting will be polluted by babies crying, horns blowing and spouses yelling.

Even free services (my favorite is ) do a better job. But the paid ones such as and are awesome and reasonably priced.

The UberConference site now states “To ease disruption from COVID-19, UberConference Free now allows longer call duration and up to 50 participants.”

While everything @Stewart1 is well and true, you can use the audio conferencing for meetings up to 15 people with plenty of success IFF you can get people to mute their phones when they aren’t talking. When my Sister In Law was sick, I set up a conference bridge on my home server and reminded people to mute their phones when their strippers and farm animals got too loud. If you check the Conference Bridge Wiki, you should find a *code to mute recipients that the conference leader can apply, as well as DTMF codes that participants can use if their phones don’t support local “STFU”.

Thanks Dave,

Yeah I sw the option to mute the participant when they connect, But there wasn’t (at least I didn’t see it) a method to un-mute all at the same time, I might defer to the offerings Stewart1 suggested, it will keep my involvement low.

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