Conference audio issues

Got a bunch of phones in a ring group for incoming calls. The issue i’m having is if some of those people have a conference call going with 3 or more people. When an new incoming call happens the conference call loses audio. The conference call is still going, but no one can hear anyone.

Let’s start with the beginning:

Look at the logs and see what’s happening.

Your description is a little confusing, because you’re talking about a conference call

If you have a conference call with two people, is it a conference call?

How is the conference set up? Are you using an actual conference line, or are you just adding more people to an existing call?

No one? How would you be sure? What were the steps you used to verify that?

Check for CODEC interactions.

Look in the logs for the “In Progress” process and see if it’s trying to get onto your in-use extensions (wouldn’t expect it, but it’s worth a look).

The “Skip busy” should keep the ring group from interacting with an in-progress call, regardless of if it’s origin. The full log should tell us what interaction the in-progress call is having with the new call.

I’ll look at the logs. The conference is created by adding more people to the existing call. I’ve tested it with them personally by being on the phone with them and they add a third person and then i call with another phone. The call kept going, but no one could hear anyone else.

Haven’t been able to schedule a time so I can directly look at the logs. They did a test of their own and let me know about it days later. Some of the phone connect through a VPN and some do not. They found out that the non-vpn phones lose the audio and the vpn connected phones do not. Could this still be a codec issue?

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