Conecting a sip trunk over a separate network card

Hello All,
I am new to FreePBX (please excuse my stupid question).

I have installeed FreePBX distro - Thank you !

My telephony provider has allocated me a SIpTrunk on a separate ethernet interface.

On my box I will have one ntw interface for LAN Connection and one ntw interface for connecting sip trunk.
Also telephony provided has allocated an internal ip and nm gw and dns’es.
(Those dns-es I have to address only using that GW. )

Could you please point me how to configure second NTW card ?

I understood that I need to a static routing but after that … I am lost.

Thank you,

Hi @dandumit
That’s exactly what you need, you must to know which ips you need to reach with that interface.
So, for example, if the ITSP ask you to use as the IP on that interface and as the gateway, and you need to reach on their side, you just need to go to /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts and create a route-ethX (where X is your interface number, like eth1)

Inside of it you should configure all the networks you are going to reach with that interface

Example: via dev eth1

That’s all, basically you are saying "I will reach network using this IP: over eth1

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Thank you ! @slobera !
Please tell me , I have added 2 static routes (my SIP provider has 2 addresses) , should I add those 2 ip’s in settings>asterisk sip settings as local networks ?

I have managed to place a call from freepbx using that trunk but I cannot manage to receive calls on that trunk.

I think that I am messing something here related to routing.

Thank you !

Yes, you should add those ips as local networks.

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