Condizione temporale non riconosciuta /Time condition doesnt work!

  1. Ho creato un time group con i giorni sabato e domenica
  2. Ho creato una time condition matched con l’annuncio “siamo chiusi”
  3. Ho impostato il fascio in entrata sulla time condition

ma la condizione non viene riconosciuta e invece di partire la voce registrata, il telefono squilla normalmente.

Did you Apply Config or fwconsole reload after making the changes? Also, check to make sure the date/time is correct on your server.

yes date/time is correct and Apply Config also!

It looks like time condition doesnt exist!

Share a call trace via Pastebin:

I don’t see any inbound calls there.

I made one call from my cellphone 347… to inbound route 6001 (0881049609)

I just rung. Can someone help me out? Thanks

Inbound call from 347 looks to have arrived on an IAX2 trunk to context ‘from-internal’. That context doesn’t use inbound routes. If you want calls processed with inbound routes, they must be in context ‘from-trunk’

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