Concurrent calls

How Many concurrent calls can we handle at once through freepbx.

As many as you test for your usage in your environment.

There is no explicit answer.

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General guielines:
Certified FreePBX Appliances | FreePBX - Let Freedom Ring

But are you running a lot of scripts, transcoding, recording, etc. all of that will zap your concurrent call capacity. Testing is a must.

But I don’t want to buy devices. Like how we work on Asterisk, we create extensions and can make calls through them. If I create an extension on FreePBX, how many calls will it support?
i want software based

Who said anything about buying devices?
Did you see the link?
Did you see that it shows basic cpu/mem configs with a “promised” concurrent call number?

Except for the fact most of those use the same amount of CPU and RAM but yet they offer different amounts of calls/users. Then when it does change in the two larger system it just says it is either an i5 or i7 processor with no other information. Which version of those are the CPUs? Are they the quad core, 6 core,8 core? Is it the ones releases in 2015 or are they more current.

Basing your system on those appliances has no real bearing or logic behind it.

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