Concurrent Calls stats


is there a (not too complex) way to find the max number of concurrents calls in the past, based on the CDR ?


Channels in use on the FreePBX Statistics widget on the dashboard is one “rough” way. Another option is to export the CDR and use an excel formula.

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I’ll try the Excel formula. thx

Does you SIP provider not provide this?

Or do you care about more than just outside calls? Normally people don’t care about concurrent internal calls

I’m moving from an old PABX :unamused: to FreePBX :smiley:.

Inbound external concurrent calls are limited by the provider. I have no way to know how many channels could be useful.
I would like to analyse the CDR and find out if the limit has been reached and how often.
I could then buy a X concurrent calls trunk which gives 2X inbound and 1X outbound.

Fun times.

My recommendation, do not buy SIP service from a carrier that uses such legacy billing models.

Use a carrier that is strictly by the minute, you will spend less money. Concurrent trunk carriers will not lose money if you actually use the phone all day everyday. They will kick you off or change your rate plan.

I wrote about this back in 2017 on another site as part of a FreePBX 13 install guide. The costs in that post are strictly retail. You can easily find carriers that will give you service for less than $0.01/minute.

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