Compound Recordings

I know there are several places within FreePBX where the system does not accept compounded recordings but I don’t recall ever seeing the reason why posted anywhere. So now that I’m working on my turkey-midnite snack… can anybody post a one-liner explanation of why compound recordings work in some places but not others?

With that pesky question out of the way… is there an easy way to merge multiple audio files into one if I want to build a custom non-compounded phrase out of the stock recordings?


Since I don’t know specifically which areas of FreePBX you are talking about, I will say that generally FreePBX generates Asterisk dial plan. Presumably there are some Asterisk dial plan applications that accept a single audio file as an argument, and other dial plan applications where it will accept multiple audio files. We would need to know which specific place in FreePBX you are talking about to give a more detailed answer.

Indeed there is, using sox which comes reinstalled in the distro. A quick google for sox usage will get you on the right track.