Compliance with DNC registry

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What would be the best way for a call center to remain compliant with FCC do not call registry using FreePBX?

Thanks in advance for helpful answers.

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I included it in the call management app at the list entry level. Simple don’t schedule calls that are on the list.

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Interesting. I would imagine, after a legit call center registers with the FTC, and are given access to the national DNC database, real time integration is possible. Otherwise, a legit call center would not be compliant with that ever changing DNC database.

(Dave Burgess) #4

Because of the way that the amount of information in the databases (the DNC and ours), I’d rather not be doing that in real-time. My system processes the numbers on the import (since the customer has customers) and again when I process them into the dialing queue (timezone/area code presort). That way, we’re never more than about 30 minutes behind the big database in the sky.

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