Complete mobile integration for FreePBX is launched!

Hi Community,

Thought it would be wrong not to share this here, as FreePBX and this community influenced our product in so many ways.

Many of you expressed interest and invested your time by providing valuable feedback. We’ve listened to you and shaped our product accordingly.

Most importantly, we understood that this product should not only provide cutting-edge features atop of the phone system but primarily work with the phone system in as much more profound way as possible.

Besides everything else, that’s what was made based on the feedback we received:

  • All audio calls go through your PBX. In the first version, we thought that it would be more efficient if internal calls were made directly through the service.
  • Up-to-date team directory with BLF auto-provisioning. Allows you to see real-time statuses of your PBX extensions and dial them with one tap.
  • More convenient blind and attended transfer
  • Seamless network switching without call distraction
  • Users provisioning via QR codes
  • Connection over UDP, TCP and TLS/SRTP
  • Interconnect disparate PBXs to provide seamless communications between the users from multiple phone systems.
  • Ring snooze allows postponing a call ringing on a mobile app to avoid distraction.
  • Resilient connectivity via AWS Global Accelerator reduces latency and packet loss for travelling users in any part of the World.
  • Communication with FreePBX server only from the trusted networks (less admin work)
  • Integrated TURN server makes life behind NAT firewalls much easier

Best of all, nothing needs to be changed in the existing setup, works out-of-the-box.

Your feedback is highly appreciated, so if you have any suggestions, feature requests or questions, I’d be happy to discuss.

Please learn more on our website if you are interested -

Thanks all for your involvement and support!

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