Complete call and SMS activity via webhooks

We’re exploring PBXs as alternative to our current user-based telephony solution ( We need to be able to capture all call and SMS activity happening via a webhook sent to a custom URL (i.e. not a prepackaged CRM integration).

From what I understand I have two options (true?):

Option A:
Use an underlying service like Twilio to actually spit out all related activity webhooks. Totally possible, except that we struggle to see how voicemail recordings could also flow into it as they are typically handled by the PBX, not Twilio. Since we would be recording all activity regardless, would you have pointer as to potentially identify a recording of a voicemail vs a regular call on a Twilio perspective?

Option B:
Find a PBX that can spit out all required activity via webhooks. We have struggled on this one. Have you had any similar implementation with FreePBX? Would you have any pointers?


  • We would ideally go for a Cloud PBX solution
  • if solution requires to create ourselves custom code we may have to outsource setup as we’ve limited ability to dedicate our developers to this (we’re a tech company but not a PBX one. The PBX is needed by our OPS team to manage services).
  • If SMS complicates things dramatically, we could probably decouple that and get it done via Twilio, and merge the two streams of SMS activity and call activity on our end.
  • We will never need webhooks about ongoing calls or to control/monitor via API active or incoming calls.

Call activity logs:

  • Incoming call completed (date, time, duration, from, to, recording file or url)
  • Outgoing call completed (date, time, duration, from, to, recording file or url)
  • Missed call (date, time, from, to)
  • Voicemail (date, time, duration, from, to, recording file or url)

Any help is really appreciated. We have done as much due diligence possible before posting, but we struggled to come out with a cohesive answer ourselves.

  • FreePBX doesn’t natively have SMS. You would need a vendor, like Twilio, and would rely on their webhooks to get your SMS information.

  • FreePBX has a CRM commercial module. Sangoma CRM REST API - PBX GUI - Sangoma Documentation (

  • Anything not supported in the CRM would need a programmer to help you with. There is a JOBS section in this forum.

Thanks for your reply. Few questions:

  • The Sangoma CRM Link module seems to be able to do all we need. However it lists specific supported CRMs. What you are saying is that we could direct those webhooks to our own custom URL? In other words, if we make a setup POST call (“both” ways) as described here then all the stated activity logs will flow there?

  • We have numbers and SIP trunk w Twilio. Assuming I can get webhooks for SMS activity out of there, I am left with the actual user experience w the PBX Softphone. Would I be correct to assume I could make that work with Sangoma softphones and SMS Connector? Or is there a simpler way of getting SMS/MMS capability on any other freepBX softphone?

There is a generic API section on the document I sent you. Yes, that would be the general flow. You can also crat directly with the module creator, Sangoma, if you need more detail.

Twilio SMS can work with the Sangoma softphone, there is a module that exists with Twilio as an existing provider. This will bridge the SMS provider and the softphone/ UCP.

GitHub - simontelephonics/smsconnector: SMS Connector module for FreePBX 16 and 17

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