Complete backups

I finally got the 2027 IncrediblePBX working properly on Debian 11 and need to be sure that I can backup all of the settings for a quick reinstall of Debian 11 if I need to.

Is there a command set(s) that -

backs up (and later restores) ALL of the settings?

Same as above but includes all of the voice messages?


The FreePBX backup/restore module should work fine. Try it, if it doesn’t work, report back.

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Set up a new backup in the Backup and Restore module.

In the new backup, make sure all modules are selected (they should be by default), and that __ASTETCDIR__ folder is backed up (also done by default).

Voicemail gets backed up as part of this.

Well the voicemail.conf gets backed up but that’s the only voicemail related thing in ASTETCDIR (/etc/asterisk) while the actual voicemail files exist in the ASTSPOOLDIR (/var/spool/asterisk).

So a proper full voicemail backup requires two locations or more specifically, a single location (/var/spool/asterisk/voicemail) and a single file (/etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf)

Having “Voicemail” selected in the modules list in Backup and Restore does back up the voicemail files.

The only reason I am saying to be sure __ASTETCDIR__ is included is that Incredible PBX puts custom dialplan and conf in the _custom.conf files.

edit: My mistake, I should clarify: Having “Voicemail” selected should produce a default of backing up the messages but expand it and make sure these are set to No:


Thank you for all of your suggestions. I ran a full backup but noticed that the desired folder wasn’t saved under the GUI sections, so it defaulted to this location - /var/spool/asterisk/backup/ so if anyone has “lost” a backup, it may be in that folder.

In any instance, I’m building a base Debian 11 system with Increbile PBX 2027 and then will run the resetore. If it doesn’t work properly. I’ll let the group know. Thanks again.

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