Compatible polycom 321 with asterisk

Tell me whether the phones are compatible polycom soundpoint ip 321 with software PBX asterisk (freebpx).
I can not find the information on this model

It is compatible with Asterisk and is also supported by Endpoint Manager:

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It seems Polycom has broken off their relationship with Sangoma as their newer phone models - VVX450 and VVX501 are not included in EPM. Would you say this is accurate? We don’t use a lot of polycom but do run into them every so often.

Same goes to Yealink and some other brands, it was mentioned here several times during the last 3 years, these brands need to sign some agreement, which wasn’t done…

Last time someone suggested that customer’s should request this from the brands they are using a whole argument started. So let’s not start this again.

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