Community growth and weeding

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Bumping this for renewed discussion.

Community growth is great but lately there seems to be an abundance of guessing and other unhelpful answers on the threads. Ultimately we get low quality threads where the correct answers, if they even exist, are buried. There are also numerous duplicates and as usual tons of questions that are plainly answered in the wiki.

I’m not saying don’t troubleshoot, ask questions, etc. I’m saying if you don’t know the answer, maybe let the question go for a while in case someone does know and can be helpful. Or if it’s something in the wiki, link to the wiki, or let it go for a little while so the asker can go and do some research on his own.

I mentioned earlier in this thread how I wish for downvoting and upvoting – not to “punish” people but to get wrong or unhelpful information out of sight and get the right answer elevated. I doubt that will ever happen especially since this software doesn’t support it.

It’s more work correcting wrong answers than answering correctly in the first place. No wonder some of the old timers around here get thought of as having a bad attitude.

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Bad information is definitely a problem. I don’t have a good solution for that. But it is a huge problem with this community.

On a similar note, search within the community is a huge problem because it defaults to sorting by relevance. But whatever it thinks is relevant is typically very old, and a lot of times things are no longer true as stuff is updated.

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