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Hey All,

There will be some maintenance on from 2-3:30 PM central time (US) tomorrow (June 3 2021) and there could potentially be some downtime during that period.

Best wishes,
Matthew Fredrickson

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Be prepared to see some very old forum notifications as a result of this work. Check dates before you reply.

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Yep - sorry about the trouble everyone - apparently we had a large number of notifications stuck in the queue. Discourse is now working through that queue.

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Will this potentially solve the issue where I can’t change my email address? I’ve been trying for weeks but never get the notification email through to approve.

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Nothing like getting an email flood of 6 month old notifications. Gonna be fun.

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You have to change your email through crowd

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Thanks @jfinstrom I should’ve know that, although I’m not sure why it’s given as an option my account under :man_shrugging:t3:

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Thanks for putting this at the top. I was wondering why I was getting old notifications. Now I know why!


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It’s looking like the notification backlog is clear now.

(D E) #11

This. Explains. A. Great. Deal.

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Alright, this round of maintenance is complete. Looks like discourse emails, notifications, and other things are working again.

Thanks for your patience.

Matthew Fredrickson

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Could future maintenance schedules, prevent emails notifications with old post notification??

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So sorry about that. This one was rather strange since we’d had such a large backlog of pending emails. Hopefully in the future that backlog won’t be so large (or ever happen again).

Matthew Fredrickson

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RIP my email :sweat_smile:

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