Community Documentation - Remote BLF’s using PJSIP

(Lorne Gaetz) #1

Announcing a new Community Documentation page now available in the wiki here:

Remote BLF’s using PJSIP

Created by Sangoma Support Engineer, Jack Campbell (@jackcampbell), it details how to share hint states between multiple systems to allow BLF LEDs to reflect status of the remote extension. It’s been used with success on a few systems now, but there are likely to be some edge cases to shake out, please share your experiences here in the forum.

BLF hints over IAX2 trunk to remote system
(Guenni) #2

It seem not to work by means of publishing the state of chan_sip extension. However this might only be a problem of ports. The connect between the 2 PBXs runs over pjsip trunks which manage the publish and receive status information based on local created hints. No additional IAX-connection is necessary. So the real extension publishes to the local (shadow extension =) hint. But it does no seem that a chan_sip extension is also able to publish its state since the "publish-"function is only a pjsip functionality. Anyway, on a local machine the blf-functionality is working with chan_sip. I wonder why, respectively where the difference can be found between local-local and local-remote?

(Lorne Gaetz) #3

The wiki is only for pjsip and only for current versions of Asterisk 16+. If you’re attempting to marry it with chan_sip or IAX2 you’re wasting your time.