Communication drop with freepbx

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I have free pbx v. configured with asterisk 19.6, when I make calls to freepbx (internal extensions), every 40 seconds my communication with freepbx drops when I do not make calls and after 10 seconds it is reestablished, what should I do so that Is the service always active? How can I correct this, to be able to make calls?

Note: The NAT, ports and Fw configuration of the equipment are under a controlled environment.

What phones do you use?

Over IP using, ROIP Radio over Internet Protocol or RoIP, 37 extensions configured (PJSIP with library JSSIP)


What phones? Cisco? Sangoma? Yealink?

I’m sorry, Over IP using ROIP Radio over Internet Protocol or RoIP, 37 extensions configured (PJSIP with library JSSIP)


Radio over IP…I see…yet, I have no idea how an RoIP extension looks like.
You could check the Asterisk log. Maybe it tells you why it disconnects…

What happens when you set the qualify frequency to 30s in the extension settings? If there is such a setting for a pjsip extension.

thanks, I attach a log file, in case you are interested

This is what I can have in the ROPI web configuration, does it work?

I am just a regular user of freePBX…
In your first post, I read that your extensions go offline after 40s, when no call is active. So I thought that your extension devices (or external firewall) needed some sort of feedback every < 40s.
In the extension settings of freePBX there is qualify frequency. What happens when you set it to 30s for a specific extension? Qualify must be on.

Yet, your problem might require a more advanced forum user to help you with :wink:

The CDR log is no use here. What might be useful is the full log with “pjsip set logger on” having been executed in the same session and verbosity set to at least 3.

Worst case is that the ROIP has to be debugged as the chances of finding anyone with any knowledge of even that class of device is quite low here.

My guess is that you are getting no incoming media when the transmitter is keyed and there has been an RTP timeout, but you will need the right logging to confirm that.

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