Commerical EndPoint Manager Upgrade Gone Wrong, How Do I Recover

I upgraded to the commercial end point manager today. At the end of the day, I rolled back to the OSS EPM.

Now, all my devices are missing. And I have to put my configs back in place. Is there an easy way to get these things back? I have backups of /etc/astirisk and /tftpboot.

If I assume correctly…

1.) I have to resetup our old phones templates and configs
2.) I have to nmap scan and find all my devices out there

What else am I having to do?

I was only able to test my internal phones today, they all seemingly work, is there any consequences for my external lines?

May I ask why you went back to the OSS? It’s not being actively developed.

Second, if you have a DB backup you are all set as you can regenerate the configs from within the module.

If you didn’t backup the asterisk mysql database (either manually or with backup and restore module) then you have to start over.

There is no migration path from the OSS Endpoint Manager to the Commercial EPM so I don’t think there is an easy way to recover. You can’t just install the Commercial EPM over the OSS Endpoint Manager and expect the configs to be migrated. I do not think that you have any recovery other than removing the both modules and reinstall the OSS Endpoint manager and recreate your configs.

@ SkykingOH , I have a mixed environment of phones. Cisco 7960’s and 7962’s. From what I can tell, and what I found out a bit too late, is that the 7960 isn’t supported by the Commercial EPM. All our current phones are 7960, and I didn’t want to lose the ability to provision those existing phones incase something went wrong.

@ alan_mousty, I knew things would be missing, but I thought it was just physical files. This doc, didn’t mention anything db related -

I offered an expedite payment to Schmooze to add support for those phones as we have many in service also.

This may warrant a new thread, but I’ll try here for now…

So I have an older full backup, from a few months ago. They for some reason stopped running, and I made a large assumption before I started.

If I was to restore from that point in time, what gets lost? Call history / Voicemails / Any configs from that point until now? I have only added a couple devices and a couple users since.

You can decrompress the tar and just restore the EPM tables.

@ SkykingOH, do you happen to know what the names of these tables would be?

I have been grepping through various backups and sql backups for ‘epm’ and ‘EPM’ and nothing is really standing out.

It’s really hidden:

endpointman_brand_list |
| endpointman_custom_configs |
| endpointman_global_vars |
| endpointman_line_list |
| endpointman_mac_list |
| endpointman_model_list |
| endpointman_oui_list |
| endpointman_product_list |
| endpointman_template_list |
| endpointman_time_zones |
| endpointman_time_zones_desc |
| endpointman_time_zones_new |

Forgive me if I’m hijacking this thread, but this is fantastic news…has there been any response on their end on how long they think before they’ll be able to support them (7940/7960)?

Whenever I installed the EPM, we needed it for OBi devices…and didn’t realize it wouldn’t support the 7940s (read: most of our phones save for a few spa514g and polycom models) that we have. However, I attempted to disabled an re-enable the EPM( and also LEAVE enabled) and as long as I don’t create duplicate configs/XML sheets, the phones don’t seem to care that both the OSS and Commercial EPMs are both working and nothing seems to be broken.

I still seem to be able to provision the old 7940s via the OSS and…depending on my mood, I can use the OSS or the EPM to provision new spa514s, polycoms and the obi. Am I right in assuming that as long as I don’t step on toes by creating duplicate configs (provision a few 514gs one one, then use the other to provision more without removing the previous configs), I should be able to work in this fashion? We only have two people that touch our FreePBX system, so it’s not a worry that someone would get in and screw around.

Thanks! And again, I hope I’m not hijacking this thread…I think this is prudent for anyone who needs to use 7940/7960s currently.

I am going to see if they can get it scheduled next week. Reality is it might have to wait until Astricon.

How good a news is this to you? I would love to recover some of the $1000 I put out for this.

Well…Unfortunately, it’s not my money that’d really be spent on this. However…I might be able to put a little out personally, depending on how fast it gets out. =) I don’t know how much I could though…

I don’t want your personal money. Why would someone benefit and not want to contribute. That’s annoying.

But anyway let’s see what the workload is next week over at Schmooze.

Not saying they wouldn’t. Just don’t have the authority to speak for them. I’d give my own money because it’d make my job easier, just don’t know how much I could at this moment. I really don’t know how much you’re looking for.

So I just stumbled on this thread it sounds like the commercial end point manager is going to possibly support the 7940 and 60 phones? That is great news this is why I have not purchased it as of yet because I figured what is the point if that is all I am setting up and they are not in the supported device list. Id be willing to throw down some money to help get this under way I have been beating my head against the wall for the past two days trying to get my 7940 phones set up.

We have not even started on this yet as we gave a price to Scott and nobody gave us the go-ahead.

Any additional news on this effort?

It’s long been done