Commercial Support lost its way?


Has anyone else observed that commercial support is almost non existent? A support call I logged a while ago was a painful experience, with follow ups only when hounding them (was a bug in the product), and again recently logging a call, with no response in a couple of days - which again is for something I believe is a bug.


ill jump in…

support is alive and well and feedback is overwhelmingly positive

if you have an issue you can always ask the tech to escalate the matter and request a manager call you back

we have defined parameters for initial response , resolution is not something we commit to a timeframe on with respect to general freepbx module support

there are cases where a bug is such a rare occurrence with a not so common use case it may stay a bug

anyway feel free to reach out to me directly 920 886 0227

happy to see I was correct - I just saw your ticket update

have a great weekend !

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I concur. We’ve been waiting weeks now. The tech assigned goes days without a reply. Now he’s out of the office.

There’s just no urgency nor desire to help. This isn’t how it used to be. Something has changed.

Ive used commercial support a few times over the past month and response has always been pretty quick and daily feedback, testing, SSH, updates, from the assigned tech.

So following on from my post, we got a response, and a workaround… that mostly works… however causes me some other pain.

But no other updates since then; with R&D - and when I read Chris comment above - maybe it will never be resolved… Sounds like in NA they dont have the option to do what I want to do, so probably ‘not so common use case it may stay a bug’ might apply…

But yes, I totally agree, support used to be good, and responsive… now, it can be good, it isn’t overly responsive, and you need to keep pushing to get anywhere - unless its something simple, in which case you better off using the community anyway :slight_smile:

Who knows.

What specifically are you trying to accomplish. Perhaps there is a way to do what you want to do. The community may have a solution

Still waiting…

For what? You said you have been waiting for weeks but not what you are waiting for.

A response. The tech keeps forgetting to get back to us. He’s good at apologizing, that’s for sure. But we’re not getting anywhere.

What tech are you talking about? Do you have an open support ticket in the portal with Sangoma? Have you followed up on said ticket?

Hello BlazeStudios–

  1. I’m not going to name the tech. This is in response to a post asking if Sangoma Support has lost its way, and the answer, in my opinion, is yes.

  2. Obviously or I wouldn’t be commenting here.

  3. Many times. The case history is pretty one sided.

All related tho… my original question was to discover if its just me having bad luck, or a wider issue… not sure what makes me feel better tho.

I have had a fix; will try and test it over the weekend.

Actually just adding support to unison/David


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I have offered to investigate once by pm, and do so again now, if you share a ticket ticket number with me.

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