Commercial EPM versions and missing models

I just bought some Sangoma S705s and would like to provision them and try them out. I’ve been using CEPM for a long time with Grandstream and Cisco phones and am relatively familiar with it.

When trying to add the models to the Sangoma profile I created the only models shown are VEGA FXS units, not handsets. When I went to update the module I found this: Stable Sangoma Technologies Corporation Commercial Newer than online version (13.0.45)

My Version info is as follows:

PBX Version:
PBX Distro:12.7.8-2012-1.sng7
Asterisk Version:16.15.1

I’m not terribly concerned about what version of CEPM I have, I just want to be able to provision these new phones I purchased. What do I need to do?

Any help greatly appreciated.

It looks like your EPM version is out of date, current is If you are unable to upgrade, it’s probably because you’re maintenance on the module has expired.

That is very likely true. Would the version I’m at (15.0.17.whatever) be the reason that I’m not seeing the Sangoma phones?

I’m unable to really find release notes or anything to cross reference a release date of the Sangoma phones with the age of my CEPM version. I have no qualms about renewing support, just don’t want to chase my tail on the actual problem.

Since the module version is very old, and since the models show in the current version, it’s the only explanation.

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