Commercial EPM & Polycom VVX 410 Phones - EFK Line Keys

Greetings Forum users!

I am in a bit of a pickle… I have 30 Polycom VVX 410 phones deployed and working seamlessly. I just want to “customize” the look of the home screen. Those not familiar with the model, it has a 12 button screen (6 on left, 6 on right), plus 4 soft keys on the bottom. Right now, Buttons 1-4 are lines for the users and they work fine configured via EPM. But I want to make buttons 7-12 speed dials to extensions/paging groups. I set them under EPM as speed dial, but they do not show up after a reboot/update. I have tried making them BLF and BFL+XFER as well. Neither option works. If I change them to Line keys, then it just fills in more lines and ignores the “value” I have filled in.

I could program each by hand, as it is only 6 speed dials, but I had hoped EPM could do this for me…

Someone mind pointing me in the right direction?


I have not issue with commercial EPM and EFK keys. Have parking lots and regular BLF’s working.

The left six come up perfectly - including a transfer button (Park-It!) and two appearances for the the first two parking slots (Park-71 and Park-72) but the right hand buttons show nothing - looking at the XML now…

The EPM generates a mac-features.cfg file and here is what the 9th line looks like:

So it stops after the 6th button - How can we change the EPM to include all the code for all 12 buttons - If you add the proper code by hand, it works (attendant.resourceList.7 through attendant.resourceList.12) but that kind of defeats the purpose.


Open a bug report at and someone can take a look and resolve the bug.


I found a fix for this…

It appears that the VVX410 was excluded from the list of phones that buttons 7-12 work for, under the “Basefile Edit --> MAC-features.cfg” section of EPM. It had the VVX400 but not VVX410. Once I added it to list for buttons 7-12 under the profile and rebooted, the extra buttons I programmed appears just fine!

Its already been fixed and published in the latest updated EPM