Commercial EPM and Cisco 7962G - Enabling Headset Hookswitch Control

Hello Everyone!

I was having a very difficult time getting my Cisco 7962G phones provisioned the way I wanted them a while back. I could get 95% of what I wanted the phones to do working, but I could not get my Plantronics CS-540 Headset with the APC-41 adapter to work with my phone. I would have to manually push the headset button on the phone every time, and then it would work for 30 seconds and go back to the handset of the phone. Finally, I stumbled upon a thread on the Plantronics website demonstrating how to enable hookswitch control in a CUCM. The parameter needed, “ehookEnable” would be manually added to the CUCM and then to the phones config files. After a reboot of the phones, the hookswitch function should be enabled. I figured out, with some trial and error, we can all add this functionality in with a few simple edits in the Commercial EPM of FreePBX. Here we go.

In the Basefile editor, open the CP7962G device file and scroll down to the heading “VendorConfig”.
Under that heading, add the parameter ehookEnable to the config, Value = 1. Save, rebuild, and reboot. You should then be able to go to your phones and open media settings, and see Headset Hookswitch Control = Enabled.

Hope this helps someone! I know it was hard to find the right resources to fix this issue so I figured I’d post.