Commercial Endpoint Manager Templates

Arch = x86_64
OS = CentOS-6.4 (freepbx)
Asterisk = 11.0.3
EPM = (beta)

I am experimenting with the Commercial Endpoint manager. I have read the user guide but it seems to me that GUI for the version of EPM I have differs somewhat from that used in the documentation. There also seems to be a distinct lack of example templates to draw guidance from.

I am asking if there are any publicly available configuration templates specifically for the CEPM and, if so, where might they be found? The phones were are using are Snom models so anything specifically built for a Snom870 would be a huge bonus. However, any reasonably complete example for any phone would be better than what I have now.

I looked at the OSS EPM and it seems to have more in the way of ‘get started’ boot-strapping built in. That leads me to wonder if I have overlooked something in the commercial model. Is there something else I should have that goes with the CEPM? Is there an easy way to convert or import the OSS EPM templates into the CEPM?

One more question: what is the http provisioning port used for and what should one set it to; TCP:80?

Finally, on my system the drop-down list of phones displayed on the right-hand side of the FreePBX CEPM page is over-layered by the bottom css banner. This hides the bottom lines of the scrollable portion of the page. One can compensate somewhat, given one has a large enough monitor, by stretching the browser window. But, it seems to me, that gui navigation items should always superimpose on inert stylistic embellishments. Design elements should certainly not prevent viewing and selecting navigation links.