[Commercial Endpoint Manager] Template defaults DNS SRV = YES, How to change globally to = NO?


We’ve been using and supporting the Commercial Endpoint Manager for the last few weeks migrating away from Andrews OSS module (Still a great module!).

Thanks to CEPM devs fixing the image rewrite bug we identified earlier this week, we now want to begin using this module in production; but I’ve hit a wall w/ the default Cisco templates CEPM generates, which sets DNS SRV = YES. This results in the phone hanging on “Checking DNS”.

If, after successfully provisioning the phone, I manually log in and change DNS SRV = NO, everything works great!

I am wondering if I can manually edit the global Cisco CEPM template, OR perhaps utilize the “edit base file” option and manually turn DNS SRV = NO.

I found the DNS SRV option inside of “edit base file” - but there are 8 or 9 entries for what look like different phones, none of which are ‘named’ 504G which is what we are using.

Any help would be much appreciated.