Commercial Endpoint Manager new phone models

Greetings! We are currently using the latest version of the Commercial Endpoint Manager and it has been working flawlessly for us. However, we recently ordered some of the new Polycom 411 phones and they aren’t currently listed in the EPM Polycom supported phones. Will the 410 option still work to configure them or is there a way I can manually add new phone models myself or does this have to be done by the developer and pushed out at next update?

Second issue we just recently came across is when choosing different firmware versions, the EPM shows downloading and installing new firmware forever and never shows that it was successfully installed anymore. It used to display a green indicator below slot 1 and 2 for the success of the firmware installed. Now all it shows is the blue notice saying it’s downloading and installing. This changed when we applied the latest module updates. Is there a troubleshooting path you recommend to determine the cause or is it possible I broke something? We are using both CISCO and Polycom phones.

PBX Firmware: 6.12.65-32
PBX Service Pack:
Asterisk 13.7.2
Commercial Endpoint Manager: 12.0.13

Thanks in advance,

Maybe. Try it and see.

No. You can file a feature request at Never mind, I see you already have here. Not sure if new templates are still being added to version 12, You should have a plan in place for upgrading.

There is a ticket here discussing this, but it was filed against 13 only. You can roll back for a temporary fix, but please update this ticket or file a new one for what you are seeing.

Configuring the 411 as a 410 in the Commercial Endpoint Manager worked like a champ. No issues, it came right up.

I think the whole 400/410 to 401/411 was just more of Polycom’s EOL track. They generally don’t let hardware stay alive for longer than 5 or 6 years I believe. I don’t think the phones themselves have a major change in how they function compared to the previous models.