Comment was deleted and thread locked?

I posted a legitimate fix in that thread concerning Openfire and the asterisk-java package in particular. Why was it deleted?


My apologies I typically send an explination but may have seen something shiny and forgot. It is on my list of things to do to lock out old threads. At the moment I do them as they appear in my feed. We appreciate and encourage users to search and self service. If you find a solution in old posts thats fantastic. If you don’t we encourage you to create your own thread rather than reviving a stale post.

Things are changing verry rapidly, bugs are being closed and new things added daily. This sometimes makes old stuff irrelevant.

Please generate a new topic and reference the previous post. In support posts include as much organic data as you can. You will have a much better experience. If you are not burried 30 posts in to a 2 year old thread.

Thanks for the explanation James. I didn’t think a new thread was warranted as it was just clarification of an answer posted in that thread. I just wanted to add an update to it that the answer indeed worked and what I had to do to apply that answer.