Comedian Mail announcement

So it looks like we will be replacing Cisco Unity with FreePBX for voicemail only as it does everything we need. The one request I have received from management is to remove the “Comedian Mail” announcement when dialing in to check your email. Is there any way to do this so that the first thing a caller hears is the “Mailbox” prompt instead of the “Comedian Mail” prompt?


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We are also replacing unity and call-manager with asterisk

If you can figure out which sound file is saying “Comedian Mail” save it to something and then copy one of the “silence” files over into the file name for the “Comedian Mail” voice fragment.

If I’m not mistaken, the actual call to the sound file is embedded deep in the voice mail program so this is a quick fix without getting into the internals.

There are several prompt files out there. Under what conditions do you get the “Comedian Mail” prompt? Is it when you dial *97 or *98 for voicemail. Do you get it AFTER a user has set up voicemail with the permanent password and has recorded their name?

The file is in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/

Where xxx= is you CODEC.

This is for when you dial *98. It is the generic login to voicemail from off campus. I tried a silence file, but it seems that the “Comedian Mail … Mailbox” prompt is all one prompt and not split into two. When I use the silence file all I hear is the “Password” prompt.


If you PM me with your email address, I’ll be glad to send you the one that says “Asterisk Mail”, or you could simply record a new system recording and call it

Make sure you rename all original files that begin with vm-login.


Hello Bill, Please end me the file

For those who have asked:


Do you have the Asterisk Mail sound file also??

My system says “Asterisk Mail” the log says it’s playing “vm-login”, but for the life of me I can’t find the file on the system. I’m going to have to look further!


Ok … Finally Figured it out!

There ase several “vm-login” files that are recorded in various formats (wav,ulaw,gsm).

I had assumed they were all identical. Seems that on my system, the gsm and wav files were the “comedian” version, while the ulaw file was the “asterisk” version.

I didn’t have anything on my windows machine that would play ulaw, so I converted it to a wav and … It’s the “asterisk…mailbox” file we’ve been looking for!

I’ve also edited the file to just “mailbox” so everyone can just use “mailbox” if they want to.

So here they are:

Mailbox only:

Asterisk Mail:


Thanks Bill, I downloaded your wav file, converted it to a .gsm file, and copied it over to /var/lib/asterisk/sounds

My new voice mail message on my PBIF is now Asterisk Mail, Mailbox. I didn,t like the comedian mail, made me think there was a stand up comic in my system, haha


Some Days around here you have to think everyone is a comedian…

You have to think what they ask for has to be a joke!!!


Comedian Mail is also mentioned in the vm-newuser.wav file:
“Welcome to Comedian Mail. First, bla bla bla…”

I just edited the welcome part out!

Thanks Bill …

This is about the easiest problem I have ever solved … first search found this thread!!

If anybody needs a good free audio editor, you can try Audacity:

When you edit your file, just make sure to re-save the wav file as
Mono, 8000Hz, Wav(pcm16)

I should have included this in my first comment, but here is a hacked up vm-newuser.gsm which says “Welcome, Voice Mail System, first I will guide you through a short setup process.” Thank you jsherk for pointing out that this file needed to be changed as well. You can download this changed file here:

First, thank you to those above for the tips and Bill for the “Mailbox” only sound file. I have taken that file and added it to the end of the “Voice Mail System” file (/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/voice-mail-system.gsm) to create a “Voice Mail System Mailbox” prompt. You can download it here: