Combining web callback and queue callback...possible?

I’ve purchased web callback and it works fine. I am now trying out queue callback…which also works fine as a break out from a queue.
Is it possible to combine them without getting 2 calls?
Its easy to use a queue as a destination for webcallback and then break out from the queue to queue callback, but that involves 2 phone calls. First from web and then you need to accept queue callback and then waiting for that call. I want skip the first call and go directly into the queue directly from webcallback.
I see queue callback as a destination for webcallback, but I dont understand how to assign it to a queue from que queue callback.
What Am I missing?

PS.- I want to replicate google’s and amazon’s support system. You just type in your phone number on the website and they call you when you are next in line. They dont give you an option to sit and wait on hold.

Anybody of the freepbx devs have an answer for this? I’ve tried a few things, but I cannot get it to work. The fact that queue callback shows up as a destination for webcallback seems to imply it should work, but Ihavent figured out how. Any tips on how to get this done?

Not at present. VQplus would need a feature added to allow you to schedule a callback using an API call of some sort.

so queue callback showing up as an optional destination for web callback is a bug? or what is it used for in that situation?

No bug that I’m aware of. You asked if it was possible to do this without two calls, and it’s not. The user clicks the call me button on the web page (call #1), they are directed to the callback destination where they enter queue callback details:


Call #1 ends. When their turn comes up in the queue, they receive a callback (Call #2) and enter the queue for the next available agent.

I tried this, it didnt work. I tried using the option to force caller id as the call back number, assuming it already had the number from the web callback, but nope. It failed.
I’ve contacte sales and asked for a quote on custom development. Seems like a pretty simple extension to the combination of web and queue callback modules. Lets see what they say.

Still stuck on this. Sangoma sales told me they are too busy for dev jobs like adding this feature to the module, and I havent found anybody that can code it.
Are there any other solutions you can think of that can help me with this?
Just to clarify the requirement.
Person types in their phone number on a website, freepbx calls them back when its their turn in the queue.
Currently the comination of webcallback and queue callback involves an intermediate call that asks the caller if they want to wait or hangup. I want to skip this middle call. Always assume queue callback.

Nope. Someone needs to be on the line when the call is initiated. I’ve never found a way around that.

There are obviously two people that you can have answer the call. The first is the agent from the queue. Once they pick up, the other leg of the call is initiated. If you have the customer pick up first, the queue is contacted, at which point you get the message you are getting.

You can code this yourself by adding a web object that creates a callfile on your Asterisk server. I wrote a similar program years and years ago that allowed DMs from Twitter to initiate a call to a help desk. There are plenty of examples out there that allow you to manage and control how these calls get generated and scheduled. Have you looked at any of those?

Hi Dave, maybe my description was not clear. I am looking at a solution that does the following.

  1. person types in phone number on a website
  2. his position is recorded in a virtual queue.
  3. when it is his turn or next in line in the virtual queue, the system calls both parties and connects them.
    this is how google support and amazon currrently work.

with freepbx there are 2 paid modules that do callback. One is web callback, in which you type your phone number on a website and then the system IMMEDIATELY calls you back and places you in a real queue and forces you to wait until your turn in the queue comes up and an agent is patched through. This piece works fine.

the other module that does callback is the queue pro module which has a queue callback option. In this one, the end user initiates a call, the automated attendant picks up and asks "do you want to wait for your agent, or do you want to hang up and we will call you when its your turn on the queue. This also works fine.

The problem is when you try to connect these 2 modules. I want the person to type the number and automatically be placed in a virtual queue (no questions asked) and then get a single call when its their turn in line and get patched through to the agent. This does NOT work fine.
The way these two modules interact creates a situation were you
1)end user input phone number on website
2)end user immediately receives FIRST phone call
3)automated attendant asks if end user wants to wait on the phone or have the system call them back when its their turn in the queue.
4)if End user chooses the virtual queue, they hang up
5) when its their turn, the system initiates a SECOND call
6) when end user picks up they are patched through to an agent

the failure is in requiring the 2 calls. I want the system to assume the number received over the webform is destinated for virtual queue and for the system to make one single call when its their turn in the line.

thank you.

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