Combining FreePBX with Panasonic KX-NCP500

So I have 2 PBX’s here. One is the Panasonic KX-NCP500 which seems to be a legacy system that does not use SIP (Correct me if I’m wrong) and the other is FreePBX on a Raspberry Pi. Both systems are working with no issues. I was just wondering how I would be able to combine these two very different systems if even possible. I did read the programming manual for the Panasonic and it does have virtual SIP Gateway and Virtual SIP Extensions. Don’t believe a TIE line would work in this situation. I did read something about a PRI card and QSIG but cannot really install a PRI card on the Raspberry Pi lol. Any sort of direction would be helpful as I am still pretty new to this. These are the only systems I have ever worked with. Made and programmed the Raspbx myself to get get my feet wet in the VOIP world. Thanks!

Edit: If it helps I am using FreePBX and Asterisk 13.19.0

If your panasonic has an ethernet port on it, you could try to establish a SIP trunk between it and FreePBX. Might have to deal with licensing on the panasonic though, in order to enable SIP functions.

Thanks! That is kind of what I am looking into. The Panasonic does have an Ethernet port on it. I believe that I already have SIP functions enabled. I can add virtual V-SIPW16 as the trunk, and V-SIPEXT32 as an extension card. Once they are added it seems that I can edit the settings and set them to “in service” and “out of service”, so I’m pretty sure this means I have the proper licensing/program already?

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In order to be sure, you need to have the following items installed on your Panasonic PBX

1.- DSP Card
2.- SIP Trunk Activation Key

To check whether you have a DSP card, you can either open the PBX to look for the card or log into Maintenance Console and check the installed cards.

To check for Activation Keys, log into Maintenance Console and check the Activation Keys for the corresponding slot.

If you do have those 2 requirements, it is just a matter of creating the SIP trunk on both the Panasonic and FreePBX and establish inbound and outbound routes to route traffic between the 2 PBXs.

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Thanks! I will check that out to see if I meet the requirements.

So I was able to make a trunk between the two PBX’s, however seems to not work properly or I have something wrong in the programming. So for example when I call the Panasonic system with the RasPBX it goes right to the extension 101 voicemail. No matter what extension I dial. When I call the RasPBX from the Panasonic PBX (example 202) all I get is the busy tone. I have a feeling its something with the dial plan. I’ve tired different dial plans and no matter what I change it does the exact same thing. Ideas?

In order for me to try to help you, you should post your trunk configuration from both sides and an Asterisk call log of the failing calls, one for each direction, that is one log for a call going from Asterisk to Panasonic and one log for a call going from Panasonic to Asterisk.

Thanks for the response and patience with me. I made some snippets of how I have the trunks and the routes setup on the Asterisk and the Panasonic side. I was able to get the log of the call for the asterisk however I didnt know how to do the same on the Panasonic. But here are the images. This is how I have the Panasonic setup.

This is how I have the RasPBX setup.

This is the Asterisk Call log.

I’m not so sure that your trunk is correctly defined, at least on FreePBX side.

It very well could be not defined properly. What makes you question it on the FreePBX side?

Nothing in particular, just wondering if you made sure that it is the correct configuration for the trunk with the panasonic.

Update: Well I figured out half of it. My dial plan in the Outbound Routes didn’t work properly. I needed to put 1XX in just one line instead of listing the extensions directly. So FreePBX can now just dial any Panasonic extension and it will ring. Now have to figure out how to do the same thing on the Panasonic side so it can call the FreePBX

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